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Songs for Bulgarian youth choir
Teodora Dimitrova

I really enjoy performing, teaching and working with students. My
background is in Popular and Folk singing and piano teaching and
performance. My music education began at age six with accordion
classes and singing in school choirs. At the age of twelve I went to study
at the Philip Kutev School of Music in Bulgaria. Studies included
numerous classes in theory, vocals and piano accompaniment. Later I
specialized in K-12 music education at the University of Shumen.

When choosing an instructor, many aspects of studying music should be
considered. Methodology, philosophy and expected outcomes are import.
I invite all prospective students to thoughtfully assess individual goals,
choices in music literature, and most importantly rapport between
teacher, student and parent.

Lesson plans are designed to cover music theory, solo performance,
rhythm, sight reading, ear training and more. Although English is my
second language, I have considerable experience working with American
students of many backgrounds in private and group settings. It is my
pleasure to create a positive learning environment so that your child
excels and enjoys learning.


1998-2004 University of Shumen, K-12 Music Teaching

1993-1998 Philip Kutev School of Music, Piano performance and singing


2008-Current  Private and Group Piano Lessons

2001-2003 Private Lessons and tutor for music student candidates for
music school

1998-2001 Member of Elhovo Choir

1998-2001 Private music and voice teacher

2007- Current  Piano instructor and participates in after-school programs
with various schools in Seattle area

2009-Current Member of
Dunava ( Bulgarian for "the Danube") a
Seattle-based women's vocal ensemble.
2011-Current member of
Orkestar RTW.