Stuart Vázquez
Independent Drummer/Percussionist

Stuart developed his style playing different genres of music in Mexico. At
age of 15 he started working and touring as a drummer and later as a
Attended different summer programs and workshops at Universidad
Nacional Autónoma de México, Escuela Superior de Música of México
City and Berklee College of Music. He is influenced in  Afro cuban and
Caribbean rhythms by people like: Pedro Bolaños, Egui Castrillo, Jesús
Diaz and Charly Chávez among others.
Attending  master classes and private sessions with drummers like:
Waldo Madera, Antonio Sánchez, David Garibaldi,Robby Ammen.
Stuart has participated with different projects playing Rock, Salsa, Funk,
Jazz and others different styles in México and USA.
He teaches clinics, workshops and privates classes for drumset and  
Latin percussion.He has been working as accompanist for dance
classes and perfomances since 1999 and working on  music for  
dance performances.

His personal project PERCUSIONANDO is a wide mix of drums,
percussions and beats.  With this project  he recorded a Cd titled
Naturaleza Humana (Human Nature) using just percussions and
Drums celebrating drumming around the world.
Currently he is a band leader and performs with different bands.
Teaches percussion and drumset at Seattle Drum School of Music as
well as private lessons and after-school programs.
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